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June Bioswale Review with Jorge Montero

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On July 7 Jim Smailes and Mary Ellsworth met with AWS botanist Jorge Montero to walk along and review the health of the environment along the edge of the river at the Anacostia Community Boathouse; the area known as the Bioswale.  In 2011, our initial goals in the bioswale were to preserve the plantings placed in the area in 2010 by DC Dept of _____ following the landscape architect Jeff Catt's plan. At that time we noticed that Jeff's planning for a natural setting with native species was losing ground to many invasive species (mainly due to some unfortunately hot dry weather conditions that first year).  After 5 years of work sessions in the bioswale, we wanted to review the condition of the environment and renew the goals for maintaining the area. 


Jorge's feedback for each section

Section 1 - 


New plantings

Cattails from AWS (The pond at Magruder Park in Hyattsville?)

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