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Invasive Species

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The following plants are listed on the NPS Least Wanted Alien Plant Invaders list, recommended by the Anacostia Watershed Society.   These have been found in the ACBA bioswale area. 


“Invasive” describes a species that, when introduced into an ecosystem aggressively establishes itself at the expense of native plants or animals.


Very undesirable -  eradicate where possible



Purple Loosestrife [ Lythrum salicaria ]



Porcelainberry  [ Ampelopsis brevipedumculata ]



Common Reed  [ Phragmites australis ]



Lesser Celandine [ Fiscus verna ]

Guide to getting rid of Lesser Celandine

 Bush Honeysuckle  [ Diervilla lonicera ]





Very undesirable -  eradicate where possible



Yellow Flag Iris  [ Iris pseudacorus ]



Black Locust tree  [ Robinia pseudoacacia  ]


Mugwort  [ Artemisia vulgaris ] 


Undesirable -  keep under control   (cont)



Sweet Autumn Clematis [ Clematis terniflora ]



Indigobush  [ Amorpha fructicosa ]



Narrow leafed Vetch [Vicia sativa ]


Undesirable -  keep under control   (cont)



Clover  [ Trifolium sp ]



Prairie Bundle Flower  [ Desmanthus illinoensis ]



Mulberry tree [ Morus sp ]



Undesirable -  keep under control   (cont)


Sweet Clover   [ Melilotus sp ]


Sericea   [ Lespedeza cuneata ] 


 Bedstraw   [Galium sp]     (feels sticky)



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