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Species in the Bioswale

Page history last edited by Mary.Ellsworth 10 years, 2 months ago

 Spring Bioswale Plant Identification

 (many images contributed by Peter Courtney)


Scroll down for:   Wild flowers        Flowering Shrubs          Trees         Grasses and Rushes



Wild flowers



Tickseed [ Coreopsis lanceolata ]



Blue Flag Iris [ Iris versicolor ]



Goldenrod [ Solidago sempervirens ]

Wild flowers (cont)



Coneflower   [ Rudbeckia ]



Joe Pye Weed  [ Eupatorium pupureum ]








Flowering Shrubs



Serviceberry  [Amelanchier canadensis ]



Sweetbay Magnolia [ Magnolia virginiana ]



American Witch-hazel  [Hamamelia virginiana ]




Flowering Shrubs  (cont)



Virginia Sweetspire   [ Itea virginica ]



Red Twig Dogwood [ Cornus sericea ]



Shamrock Inkberry  [ Ilex glabra ]



 Arrowwood Viburnum   [ Viburnum dentatum ]











Bald Cypress  [ Taxodium distichum ]



River Birch  [ Betula nigra ]



Slippery Elm  [ Ulmus rubra ]


Red Maple   [ Acer rubrum ]









Grasses & Rushes


Switchgrass  [ Panicum virgatum ]



Softstem Bulrush  [Scirpus volidus ]



Soft rush  [Juncus effusis ]









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