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Anacostia Community Boathouse    Bioswale Work Sessions 


Welcome to the bioswale information page.  ACBA work sessions in the bioswale usually happen on the

last Sunday of the month (with exceptions to schedule around boathouse events).    


                    See Bioswale Work Sessions summaries for 2024 here                   End of Season Summary 2023 


           Every day is EARTH DAY!

Bioswale Work Session

Sunday, May 19, 2024



Got questions?  Here's who to ask:         

               Mary Ellsworth (marysellsworth@gmail.com)  

    Jim Smailes      (jasmailes@gmail.com)



Love our Juniors! 


  Typical tasks for bioswale work sessions:

 Remove invasive species

 Pick up recyclables & trash

 Clear & mulch around shrubs and tree fences

 Plant new trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants

 Move driftwood


Volunteers - it helps to bring tools such as rakes, clippers or sturdy trowels.  

Remember to bring water, hats, gloves, long pants and protective footwear.




Bioswale Work Sessions are mostly scheduled for the last Sunday of the month,  9:30am-noon


         Saturday, March 16,  Gonzaga Day of Service

         Sunday, March 24,    Kick off 2024

         Saturday, April 20    AWS Earth Day Clean up 

         Wednesday, April 24 Academy of Holy Cross Day of Service work

         Sunday, May 19  - Capital Junior's Day of Service

        Sunday, June 30

        Sunday, July 28

         Sunday, Aug. 25 - Bishop Ireton Day of Service

         Sunday, Sept 29 

         Sunday, Oct 27

         Sunday, Nov 10 (tentative)   






What's Happening In the Anacostia River Corridor-  DC DOEE


The Long and Winding River - National Park Service article 2024


 Bioswale Visionboard presented for 2021 AWS Earth Day Site Leaders' Orientation


WAMU's great article on the Anacostia River:  Anacostia Rising 2018


A Natural VS Overgrown shoreline - Why we do it!


See the CRC article about the EARTH DAY event at ACBA 


Here is a slide show of the August 2017 Work Session.  





  Tool Donations


Thanks to Andy Sohn for the donation of a small chainsaw!

THANKS to ACBA for providing two big wheelbarrows.   

THANK YOU to Gonzaga Parents for providing the Bioswale Tool Shed!

THANK YOU to JoAnn Andriko for donating trenching shovels and a pick axe!  



Kudos to the volunteers who keep the edge of our river healthy and looking beautiful!   


We  have truly the most amazing volunteers!  


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