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Work Session Summaries 2024

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Bioswale Work Session and AWS EARTH DAY Cleanup

Saturday, April 20, 2024

AWS sent us 54 volunteers for the Earth Day Cleanup, with 6 leaders for Earth Day, plus we had 20 volunteers for the bioswale, for a grand total of 76 volunteers.  ACBA clubs represented today were CRC, NCAWPA, and DCSRC.   What a terrific crowd!  Four groups cleaned up in our usual places - our own shoreline, M St SE, Barney Circle, and the hiker biker path up to and beyond the Congressional gate.  A total of 36 bags of trash and 18 bags of recyclables were collected. 

A special thanks for Tamara, Will Cyphers (DCSRC) and Jim Smailes for sending the great photos!   


Photo of the first volunteers to finish their work.    Trash bags and recyclables bags with many of today's volunteers
 Picking up the smaller items under the PA Ave bridge  Enthusiastic volunteers! The kick off - each group took a wheel barrow with supplies. 

Using grabbers to pick up trash in the bioswale, section 4

A group of 26 students from the country of Georgia joined the event with the Legacy International School, DC via their Community Service program.  

This growing pile of driftwood will be picked up by the Army Corp barge later this month



Kick off 2024  Bioswale Work Session 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

A small volunteer team of 5 addressed two invasive species today.  The first is Lesser Celandine, now appearing in all sections.  The second is bush honeysuckle, section 1 for today, but there's more in section 4 (next month).  


Tasks accomplished today

 Removed Lesser Celandine in Section 2

 Pulled & dug up bush honeysuckle, section 1

 Pulled vines from the River Birch, section 1 

Removal of wineberry & sweet autumn clematis, section 2 






Amy begins to dig out Lesser Celandine.  Masses of it showed up this spring

along the edge of the seawall, apparently deposited there by the river.   



Dominique and Amy dig deep to remove Lesser Cellandine.  They put the highly invasive plants in plastic bags, along with the dirt so as to not drop bits of roots or bulbils, which quickly can grow into many new plants.  First time we've had to do this, and it turned out to be heavy work.  

Gabriella tackles significant growth of Lesser Celandine by the ramp, sec 1 

 IF WE DON"T DO ANYTHING.... Lesser Celandine grows to the exclusion of native species

Gabriella pulls bush honeysuckle (green bushes) in section 1 

What's next?  Jim and Gabriella view a thicket of bush honeysuckle (green under the tree) and decide how to proceed. 

IF WE DON"T DO ANYTHING.... bush honeysuckle grows tall and thick, to the exclusion of native bushes and trees (as in this view of the side of the road, M St near the boathouse.


Jim employs the Big Daddy tree puller to extract some small

thorny saplings, section 1


Closer view of Jim placing Big Daddy to grab a small tree trunk

Bioswale beauty ..... 


 The Shadbush (Serviceberry) are in bloom!


Tasks for April work session 


Clear around shrubs in sections 1, 4 & 5

 Search & destroy Lesser Celandine if it can          be identified

 Remove more Bush Honeysuckle

 Dig Phragmites, section 1?

 Continue to remove wineberry sprouts

 Dig the False Indigobush in Sec 1, 2 and 3

 Pick up Pine cones under the big Pine

 Cut out weedy trees from road fence

 Rake debris into the river sec 5







2024 Bioswale Work Session -  Day of Service - Gonzaga and Georgetown Visitation HS

Saturday, March 16, 2024,  11am - 2pm

More than 50 Gonzaga rowers, their parents, and sister institution Georgetown Visitation came out to help in the bioswale and on the boathouse grounds for their annual Day of Service.  What a great day!  The leadership the coaches & parents provide these young men & women is beyond value.  These are the stewards of our future.  



The following challenging tasks were accomplished:


 Dug out False Indigobush, sections 1,2,3,4

 Carried lg driftwood & stacked middle of sec 4

 Removed brambles/vines from the rocks

 Picked up massive trash accumulation

 Cleared brush under big pine, west end. 

 Cleared stubborn grass (& roots) in front of Bioswale sign

 Removed vines on the fence and clear behind the big tent

 Raked in sections 2 & 3




Plenty of tools, owned or borrowed, ready for the day

The END of so much False Indigobush!! 




Removing brambles & clearing the rocks 


Wheeling the debris to the dumpsters

The dumpster - only half of the final haul!  

A major effort to clear vines and brush from behind the big tent.  

A hard won False Indigobush stump - Yea!

Lunch is served!  Gonzaga parents brought pizzas, drinks, chips, dessert, 

The final big push - digging out a row of False Indigobush along the seawall in section 4.  

Clearing brambles from the rocks and digging out False Indigobush - fantastic team work! 

Tasks for March 24 work session 

 Remove wineberry sec 4

 Dig the False Indigobush in Sec 4 

 Cut out weedy trees from road fence

 Picked up & bag pine cones

 Search & destroy Lesser Celandine

 Dig Phragmites, section 1

 Rake & pick up the pine cones


Flattening and clearing the area under the Big Pine to prepare it for mowing. 

Large driftwood was gathered up and stacked in preparation for the ACOE barge which usually collects it in April.  


Winter appearance of native Switchgrass









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