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Second Monitoring Dec 2023

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  ACBA Mussel Monitoring

  How much have the mussels grown in 3 months?            BACK to ACBA Mussels front page


Basket 1 Basket 2 Basket 3 Basket 4
mm gram mm gram mm gram mm gram
51.4 9.9 53.1 10.2 46.5 7.7 51.4 9.8
  Sample size changed - 20 mussels ea basket
Ave length Ave wt
50.6 mm 9.4 gm
3-mos basket growth Jul-Dec
9.5 mm 2.7 gm
23.1%   41.0%  
8-mos mussel growth Apr- Dec
18.6 mm 6.71 gm
58.2%   250.8%
Significant woody debris around the baskets and significant mud/silt in the baskets. Very few dead mussels




Our 4 baskets are here but at least 2 are sitting on the bottom. 



The day was cold.  The 4 baskets look good.

They were pulled out & cleaned.   

Volunteers from DC Strokes worked with Kyle.

The light was fading rapidly as we worked to 

complete the measurements

This might be the last measurement session here.

The baskets will be moved 2/9 to KAG where they will

be safer from winter weather.
























These smart volunteers brought a CANOPY with them!  Made the 

rainy day more bearable


Working in teams, the volunteers measured length and weight of 

25% of the mussels in each basket. (25 out of 250 mussels)


Using calipers to measure mussel length


Weighing each mussel


Recording length and weight

Replacing basket covers and securing with reusable zip ties.  Third basket fr left is the replacement - we're hoping this one stays afloat 

 Four baskets in place again, tied together with ropes, and floating off the seawall.  The Mussel Team:  


 Next Quarterly Monitoring Session - October  

Bring paper towels, bucket


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