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ACBA Mussels

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AWS Freshwater Mussel Culture at Anacostia Community Boathouse

Project Leader:   Kyle Spears


   Mussel baskets deployment April 13, 2023  - 4 baskets, 1,000 mussels


  First Measuring Session, noon, July 16, 2023


  Second Measuring Session, October 2023


  Third Measuring Session, January 2023


Data:  Measurements for 25% of each basket




Basket 1 Basket 2 Basket 3 Basket 4
mm gram mm gram mm gram mm gram
32.4 2.7 32.6 2.8 31.3 2.4 31.6 2.7
Overall basket
Ave length Ave wt
32.0 mm 2.7 gm


No dead mussels 



Basket 1 Basket 2 Basket 3 Basket 4
mm gram mm gram mm gram mm gram
41.7 6.7 38.0 5.0 43.5 7.9 41.2 7.0
Ave length Ave wt
41.1 mm 6.7 gm
3-mos basket growth
9.1 mm 4.0 gm
22.2%   59.8%

No dead mussels.

nymph and tiny amphipoda
(shrimp) in the baskets





 Ongoing Basket Monitoring - interim checks and observations     April - January 



  How to do a measuring session



The Anacostia's Freshwater Mussels - important for filtering water


From an AWS mussel presentation:   The two tanks started out w the same amount of dirty haze. The mussels in the left hand tank have filtered out all the haze in less than an hour's time.  An adult mussel can filter 10-20 gal of water a day.  This activity is a key strategy in cleaning up the Anacostia River.






   Alewife Floater Mussel - iNaturalist description





   Mussel Restoration at the Anacostia Watershed Society




 Jorge Bogantes Montero, AWS




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