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Work Session Summaries 2020

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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed activities at the boathouse.  Only two work session were held.


Bioswale Work Session -   Wakefield HS student volunteers

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Students conducting environmental projects at Wakefield HS requested a work session in the bioswale, along with teacher, Heather M. Downey.  We started the work session with a discussion about the problems with stormwater runoff in urban areas, how a bioswale functions, and the importance of native plant species to local animal populations. 


The following tasks were accomplished:

 Removed porcelain berry and other vines from the edge in section 4

 Cleared vine seedpods from the fence to prevent future vine growth

  Picked up litter along the length of the river in section 5.

 Seth (right), also from Wakefield, helped on Oct 3 as a group leader to pick up litter along the upper trails . 

















Bioswale Work Session -   AWS/ACBA EARTH DAY Clean-up                 

Saturday, October 3, 2020, 9am - noon



Due to COVID-19 the AWS Earth Day River Clean up was postponed until Oct 3 (normally it's in April).  Eight athelets from ACBA programs participated, plus 27 outside volunteers signed up through AWS registration, including 8 from the Gay Professional Men of Color group. This totaled 35 volunteers and 3 staff.  The ACBA athletes focused on on invasive vines removal from the bioswale.  Other volunteers walked M St and the upper trail to pick up trash and recycling.  


The following tasks were accomplished:

 Removed porcelain berry and other vines from sections 2,3 & 4

 Picked up and bagged an estimated 16 bags trash and 8 bags of recycling along M St., Barney Circle, and the hiker biker trail up to the Congressional cemetery entrance. 

Carried a trashed dresser & drawers back to the dumpster, estimated to be about 20 lbs.   


A great big THANK YOU to all our wonderful volunteers!











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